Harlem Township-Winnebago County
Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs. 8:00-4:30 
F: 815-633-6334

Harlem Township Elected Officials
Each Official serves a Four-Year Term

Terri L. Knight, Harlem Township Supervisor

Terri serves as a chief executive officer. Her duties and responsibilities include serving as chairman of the township board of trustees, supervisor of the  general assistance program and treasurer of all town funds including general assistance, cemetery funds, water system funds and road a bridge funds.
Mark Sorrentino
Harlem Township Assessor

The assessor performs three fundamental yet vital duties:
-Discover, list and value all new construction within the jurisdiction.
Ensure that existing property is valued at the appropriate statutory level of market value.
-Assure that similar property is valued in a uniform manner.
Richard Thompson 
Highway Commissioner

The township highway commissioner is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all roads and bridges in the road district.

P: 815-633-2671
F: 815-633-6334 
Sheryl Crowley
Harlem Township Clerk 

 The clerk is responsible for:
-Board meeting Roll call votes.
-Clerk serves as the local election authority
-Clerk must witness bid openings for the township and the road district.

The Township trustee is the legislative branch of township government.
 Each board member, elected at large within the township, has one vote on all issues before the township board.
In their capacity as legislative officers, trustees adopt the following:
-Annual town budget and appropriation ordinance
-General assistance budget
-The road district budget

Harlem Township Trustees
Bob Arneson, Trustee
Kate Tammen, Trustee
Linda Woodrow Mertz, Trustee
Kathy Geyer, Trustee
Public Monthly Board Meetings are held 
the second Monday of every month at 5:30 PM